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     I always had a guitar around me my whole life, The weird thing is no one in my family ever played... But there was always one somewhere.. I never knew what to do with em, but I knew in my heart I was in love with them.... About 5 Years ago I was finally driven to play music, as it was in my head all the time! Things I've  never heard before?! So I just had to start figuring out how to bring it out from inside my head...( I could always jam with anything whistling)...  I first started learning theory by finding things in common on the guitar neck, 7th's, 5ths, "neato patterns" etc. I was than told about a book on the basics, modes, scales, all the notes...etc. Slowly I learned to JAM (cant stop learning)...  A Friend than got me into Electronic/Samples(FUN!!!)  ..Started composing music with programs to figure it out more in depth. .. We created a myspace project "The Cynical".. (check it out - /thecynicalband) Than another friend got me more into the technical analog side of recording. We started a myspace project "MEATSHOP"(check it out /meatshop)... 

    I love to Learn New music, all styles. Creating new things I have never heard before... I can't Keep my hands to one instrument so I just play as many as I can. The way I write music is usually playing a verse or random song/riff with one instrument and than jamming to it with another & another & another... etc.. *poof a song. Hahaha, I know allot of them are dumb, but they were all fun to make..

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