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Whats up wit it, my name is Rashaad Compton aka CompC or the Ghetto Urquelle.  I been working with making my own music since 2004.  Back in San Antonio I got started recording music with a couple people I hung around with DJ Smerc, Reice Coleone, Poker and Shilaw, known as the Round Table Union.  Everybody was pretty much like brothers so we clicked and shook up San Antonio a bit.  But everyone being military, we all move around and what not, so we still have a CD in waiting unknown release date on that.  In 2007 I moved to Japan where I continued to work on music in a Solo perspective, during which time I linked up with Loose Cannon from Cali and Felony from SC.  We collaborated to make a CD entitled "My Swag" due to be released March 2010. 

Main enfluences have came heavily from Southern Underground Artist, Z-Ro, Big Hawk (RIP), to UGK, Lil Wayne up Yo Gotti and Bizzy Bone.  Just listening to each different styles and creativity and how they just keep going and make music whether Indie or Major. 

My music will vary depending on my mood and situation.   Pretty much spontaneous on subject matter, I just talk about whateva comes to mind at the time.  If you have any questions, critiques or wanna hook up on a collab get at me on, rashaad318 (yahoo messenger) or hit tha

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