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From: kerkrade, Netherlands

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 my name is christian scholl, i'm a composer of classicle music!(and some modern stuff to)
I only play unique compositions! never play the same thing twice    (or I would not record it!) beqouse i dont see the skill of copying others, there are all new and difrent!
mainly I play piano music with string's and gothic-vox.
to this time I have composed more than 2000 midi-file's with a length of
allmost 7 minute's! this is the only way to stop playing at all, otherwise I
would make composition's of a hour or longer. so I now record at 60 bpm
without hearing the metronome and just start playing til I end at the 101th
messure( 101 means perfection in Cina!) and then I start a new recording
,and so on!  but  I have some more instruments what I can play like giutar,
didgerydoo, djambay, drumm-kit, groove-box(midi reseqwenser) and many more,
I have to try and make a living of it now, I need more space!
I have been living here in my native country (the netherlands) for all my life,I feel I belong in australia, not
here! my roots are there but I'm still here , like a palm tree with its
roots planted in australia and my nutts fall (on my head) here!
my is goal to make a living of what I do(dayley)best , make good music! You can contact me at e-mail or   or you can call me on my sell-phone(handy)at
the folowing number +31(0)624167257 feel free to call!

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