Concrete Slimm

Concrete Slimm

Concrete Slimm

Rap, Hip-Hop
From: Daytona Beach, FL, United States

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Yeah this your nigga the one and only Concrete Slimm so you want to know about your boy; here we go

I was born in Dayton Beach(DB) FL., my real name government name is Kwame. Dad was never day I know his ass,but just like me he a player, I still love him though. My mama had me when she was 16; a strong black woman who dedictaes her life to take care of me and my little brother. She's very intelligent and tries took keep me on the right path, but I'm a knucklehead atleast thats what she say. To make a long story short I basically run the streets, I'm thugged out to the fullest. I'm a layed  back, humble respectfull nigga unless I'm disrespected that when the beast come out me. My music basically reflects me, how am how feel about life and the things that I do. I spit real shit like Pac, Trick Daddy and BG and those are my influences; Thug shit the new generation of that Thug Shit, the era. So if you don't feel I feel like u a hater, holla your nigga Concrete Slimm

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