Death Metal, Industrial, Black Metal
From: chesapeake, VA, United States

Band Members

  • eli - guitar
  • spencer - bass
  • Krieg - vocals
  • Pretty Pig - Battery
  • Necrobeast - diabolic rythm

About Band

CORPSEYE began as a four piece metal band that for awhile was known as "Tantalus", based of the Greek god. The band consisted of Brent on Drums, Eli on Guitar, Drew Pinkston on Lead, and Tim Johnson on Bass. However, after what felt like hundreds of name changes and a very dry period of creativity, the members disbanded. Then, in the summer of 2007, Tim called Brent and Eli asking for a jam session. On that fateful day, "A blinding Curbstomp" was written. It was here that the three person metal band, "Suicidal Sister" was formed.
The band grew in talent, however slowly. Playing songs, then forgetting them by next week, it was a frusturating time for the three as they were trying to find thier sound. And, after a very unsuccessful show at "The Peppermint Beach Club", the band took a long break. Returning in March of 2008 they got right to work. The songs "Bled Based Paint" and "April showers bring may ZOMBIES" were written and recorded immediatly. The first real successful songs for suicidal sister.
more song were written after that, such as "children of atrocities" and "army:undead". And, after an unexpected concert with Burncycle that turned out a huge success, the band felt that they were missing something. First step, Change the name. Brent's idea for a song name "Corpsi" became the translated name "CORPSEYE". Next Step, play a show. The band re-emerged on the stage of The Norva, and played another successful show. Third step, acquire a bassist. Spenser was brought into the band November of 2008, very much to Eli's liking, as it was his suggesstion.
Then came a decision for Tim, the vocalist/guitarist. Stay on vocals, give up guitar, or stay on guitar and fid a vocalist. As the guitar was a personal experiance for him, Tim gave up his vocal position to New vocalist: Matt, a black metal influence. Finally, the band decided on a new tuning, the ever used drop C.
Now with a sense of completion, the band is working on thier live demo, which will be distributed upon completion.

Now with a sense of completion, the band HAS JUST FINISHED THIER LIVE DEMO, AND WILL BE DISTRIBUTING IT FOR FREEEEEEE! The next project: Single Track recordings! and a debut album!

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