Creatures Of Dawn

Creatures Of Dawn

Creatures Of Dawn

Metal, Classical, Alternative
From: Budapest, Hungary

Band Members

  • Lily - vocals
  • Ruby - keys
  • Andris - bass
  • Csabi - guitars
  • Miki - drums

About Band

The idea of Creatures of Dawn was born in march 2005 when Lily (the vocalist of COD) tried to find a band of her own in Budapest! While searching in different kind of music forums, she finally managed to find a band searching for a new vocalist! She wrote a letter to them and it was Csabi who answered her, that they already found a vocalist for that mentioned band, but Csabi also told her, that he and the bassplayer Andris wanted to have another band too, because of their old band started to become boring! So Lily only had to find a drummer and a keyboarder for that new band!

After a period of koncerts, songwriting and member changes, they reached their final constellation:

Lily Reser - Vocals
Ruby Ladjánszky (2008) - keys
Andris Müller - bass
Csabi Nagy - guitars
Zoli Farkas (2009) - drums

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