Emo, Rock, Hardcore
From: Johore, Malaysia

Band Members

  • Mohd Taufiq - Vox
  • Mohd Ainullqamar - Guitar
  • Mohd Fairouz - Guitar
  • Azizan - Bass
  • Mohd Najib - Drum

About Band

1996 till now n still keep on struggling. We just wanna say thanx to our friends that make us feel a new band again.Just briefly about our band.The band is a hardcore band when it first started gigging around Peninsular of Malaysia with influences ranging from Abhinanda to Refused, Snapcase to Chalkline and lots more others great bands.

Started gigging around the country from 1998 till 2000 and suddenly the band fall into 'silent mode'. As we strugle to keep the band alive, due to personel problem and internal conflict, lots of members coming in and out, now it is the time for us to bring back the glorious moment for the band. 2005 sees the band active again as a strong unit for us, if not for everyone, with new drummer and musical concept.

The band now is preparing to record "something very valuable for us" and still finding hard to create new songs that is basically happy, (musically, lyrically and melodic we might say). Still not forget our old influences, we are currently very happy with this new direction.
The songs structure will be more on melodic side without forgetting our old influences. We are happy with our music and hopefully you too. Cheerioooo!!

The end...

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