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   In the winter of 2002, a new band came to existence on the verge of making its own mark on Nepal's metal scene. The name of the band was 'Cruentus', which in Latin means 'blood-thirsty'. The mainman Brij along with Alice, Mahendra (ex-naive), Adoit and Girish started a new legacy that was about yet to be written.

Jamming around some thrashing metal in a really disorganised manner, the band somehow managed to squeeze themself in a concert at 'Jump' where the band got to perform two songs at the last moment. After this show, Cruentus got to perform in one of the suckiest show that they had ever played. The band had to wait for more than 4 hours and the crowd booed them when they were on stage as the crowds demanded for 'Mongolian Hearts'. All in all it was fair as the band got to perform with 'Rai ko Ris' and study how the rockstars (Cobweb, Robin n Looza) really were like at the backstage. After performing in more successful live gigs, Cruentus was on the edge of disbanding as three members (Mahendra, Adoit and Girish) had to leave the band as God himself cursed the band for playing devil's music. In between this time, Cruentus had been working on a thrashing original number which never saw the daylight. Even though cursed by God, the band was cunning enough to recruit Ranav, Ryan and Allan for continuing the desecration of holiness. God was now popping in anti-depressant pills.

The band's big break came when they performed in 'Junkyard Virbration' gig which was a massive concert where they rocked the crowd with their blistering speed and rawness. Now, Cruentus was beginning to make a mark in a local scene and would make an appearance at every concerts. At this time, the band was shifting its music style from Sepultura influenced thrash to black metal. Cruentus was fast becoming notorious within the underground scene for their brutality, speed and aggression. It was then Cruentus decided to record a demo and in 2004 they recorded a demo consisting two of their originals and one cover of Barathrum's 'I am very possessed'. And in the summer of 2005, Cruentus came out with their debut album 'Asantusta Aatma' consisting 7 raw black metal songs. The band has informed that they have already sold around 300 copies of 'Asantusta Aatma' and it could be that they are selling more. Three years on and the legacy is still yet to be written.

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