Dance, Trance, House
From: Lier, Belgium

About Artist

"Ever since I was young, I was obsessed with music, played the drums for more then 7 years, and followed my "music-examples" in playing keyboard for more then 4 years. Now, present day, with having a good education in music-software (basic/semi &pro) I mostly engineer tracks for "underground" hip-hop groups. As a huge fan of the UK-hardhouse/nrg scene, I started to produce in those directions also, first under the alias: "Project No One" together with a friend wich was (techno/trance/dance) based music. The project got lost since we both split. At the end of 2006 I released my first "white-labeled" track called : "Disco Inferno" onto the audience and got known in an instance. I then continued my "journey" as "D-NRG" wich implicate's the first letter of my name (Dennis) & my favo. music style. Mid June 2007 I released the "white-labeled" album "Complexity" onto the underground scene here in Belgium especially in friendly-groups. Due the succes I finally released the second: "D-NRGIZED" at the start of june 2008. Many new things to come, many releases to be seen, expect the unexpected from me...

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