Daedalean Complex

Daedalean Complex

Daedalean Complex

Industrial, Metal, Gothic
From: Quebec, QC, Canada

Band Members

  • Herr Nox - Vocals
  • Daedalus - Keyboards
  • Atah'Khan - Guitar
  • M.A.D. - Bass
  • Idrys - Drums

About Band

Website : http://www.daedaleancomplex.com

It began in La Belle Province's Capital (Quebec City) where Daedalean Complex was born in late 2007. Creating heavy music with a fusion of industrial and electronic overtones, the group was labeled by its fans as "Canada's cult goth-metal act".

Only three months after the band's formation the demand for their music was so large they had sold out their first show at "Le Temps Partiel", a local legendary alternative club. Six months later, their first album was released and sold out twice throughout the following year.

All this heigthened in 2010 when Daedalean Complex played at the 2nd Skin Rock Contest presented by Budweiser and Rogers: the biggest live music contest in Canada. As the only metal band to reach the final 4 bands (out of 48 bands selected to perform), the band had the effect of an electroshock to the 1200 persons attending.

Ever since then, crowds are falling for the band’s live intensity, their melodic and catchy tunes yet dark and heavy sound as well as their highly developped theatrical style, gaining new fans by the minute all around the world.

After a succesful tour in Eastern Canada, the band is now looking forward to release their long-awaited second album. Sure to make huge a impression, it is an event you do not want to miss as even musicians and promoters are praising the band’s hard work and professionalism.

Yes, Daedalean Complex were proven worthy of spreading their art to the masses.


“A performance on stage larger than life.”

“An album production just as good as any big European players.”
Elegy Magazine No. 59 (May/June ’09)

“The Quebec Industrial Scene has just stepped up its game a notch.
Watch out!  Here comes Daedalean Complex.

Montreal Metal Radio Show  


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