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Dallton Santos is among brazilian guitar players that is recognized and notorious respected, as by public as by musicians. Dallton was born in Santo Andre, São Paulo state e from early had a deep contact with musical world, because music was always between his family. His grandpa, that was musician and luthier; going to his mother that had musical education since early. Dallton’s first contact with a musical instrument was around 12, – an acoustic guitar, who was his father’s -moment that got fascinated with the possibility of reproduce and translate in sounds what he loved most – music! Dallton Santos always had passion by instrumental music that came even before playing, and this was also when he was interested in listening sound tracks for cartoons, movies and erudit; time he passed hours listening and also researching the most different musical types, as like the most different instruments and their sounds applications among the most different songs. From 15 years old, felt in love by guitar when he met the songs of Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Yes, Jeff Beck, Pat Metheny, Led Zeppelin, among others. By 18, started his travel in the instrumental seara, writing his first songs, being one by them showed by Guitar Player Brasil magazine, as revelation in a demo part of it. Dallton Santos was always a dedicated n good learner, always looking to make his horizons bigger inside learning and knowledge. In this way, note that he had the opportunity to study with the biggests names of guitar in Brazil. His routines were around 8-12, by day, everyday. In 2006 recorded his first album ‘Art in Motion’. A progressive rock album with a lot of experimental elements. In 2007 there was his first recognized job, and was chosen and classified among ‘ the 12 best brazilian guitar players’, in current Gibson Contest. In 2009 – having been part of the project ‘O solo é seu’ which was sponsored by Guitar Player, had the price of ‘the best improvise’. The rock roots were in evidence in his playing, Dallton Santos, a musician with a deal with his job, was always looking for more from his instrument and more from himself… was looking for possibilities to make his knowledge bigger studding other musical styles like jazz, brazilian music and funk. At this time listened too much Frank Zappa, Hermeto Pascoal, Herbie Hancock, Egberto Gismonti, Michael Brecker and Arnold Schoenberg. He would like to be a more complete musician and know that these were big and important references. All this search by knowledge, by listening other styles brought as consequence very positive impacts in his music as well. Jazz and brazilian music helped him to reach a bigger harmonical sensibility from other side, the funk gave him a rhythmic sensibility. His songs started to sound rock with a fusion of other styles. In 2011 released ‘ Virtual Fusion’ – an album that took attention of musicians and enthusiastic in brazil and abroad, besides bringing as results a lot of articles in the main magazines and specialized websites. Dallton Santos also is inside in the greatest compilations of guitar players released in Brazil; Guitarras & Guitarristas (2010), Friends of Rock Guitar vol 1 (2012) and Heróis da Guitarra vol 3 (2013) In 2014 won an ‘international instrumental music competition’ being classified in first place in category ‘solo performance’ from indi.com website. In 2015 the website ‘ JamTrack Central” selected between 2.200 guitar players of world – just 12 as the greatest, and among them there was the brazilian Dallton Santos! In fact, to be registered, was indicated in 3 categories: fusion, best potential and originality. His video channel in Youtube is a success. With a material almost all original had the expressive number of 1.800.000 looks. Dallton Santos, knowing all his activities also dedicates himself with passion to his career as a teacher, acting in São Jose dos Campos and Caçapava. It is good to say that besides teaching, he works in workshops and master class all over Brazil. As a professional musician ,besides having his solo career, has a parallel project with trio No-Metric, the one that is a group of prog/fusion. In 2015 releases his third album ,’The Inner Things’ showing all his song with extreme maturity and creativity, using in a perfect form elements from rock to brazilian music, letting the result of this work an impar sonority, unique! Great to check! Dalton Santos is a creative musician, flexible, that moves himself inside the musical world, always looking for new sounds, in constant evolution work with his guitar, and always having in mind his listener… who listen to him, who is gonna do that, what he passes to public… how and what will put out from his guitar for all who listen to that, but above all feel it. His will in getting an excellent level, always bigger, is constant. He looks for an intermitent superation. To superate himself is to give the best of his song, it is his biggest wish. This wish that always get done, given by his serious work and love for that he considers the holy grail in his profession – the music! By other side, Dallton Santos always keep inside himself the simplicity to continue being a student e search of lot of possibilities of rhythm combinations, sounds, tones, semitones, bends, etc… Finally, all of these makes him a musician who cares for the investigative sense of in the end, makes a quality song comes to satisfy his intellect and his ears, bringing happiness and satisfaction for him, who plays like that, and the same way for who listen that!

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