Daniel Sopko

Daniel Sopko

Daniel Sopko

Acoustic, Folk, Pop
From: Joliet, IL, United States

About Artist

Daniel Sopko met Daniel Sopko underneath a flickering streetlight while in high school. Daniel began playing the geetar at around age 15, sticking to favorites of friends and family to play in the middle of a drunken crowd on a drunken night. Soon, he became bored playing a constant rotation of Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews, so he looked for someone to write lyrics and sing to his music. Effects of this spiritual journey led him to Daniel Sopko, who spent much of his time drawing cartoons in his basement and contemplating wordly affairs. Daniel dug deep in his catalog and presented to Daniel some words in an old, blue college-ruled notebook. Daniel put some of his mediocre guitar behind it and Daniel sang some awfully painful verses and even more horrendous choruses over, and here we are today, still awfully painful and horrendous, but still for your amusement.

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