Danny Shain

Danny Shain

Danny Shain

Country, Latin
From: Tarapoto, San Martin, Peru

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Howdy amigos of country music with a mix of English and Spanish lyrics..  My name is Danny Shain.  I am a singer/songwiter with a passion to better connect Spanish Speakers with country music by blending Spanish and English lyrics in my songs.  My musical style is true to country music and does not flirt with the TexMex or Ranchera styles. 

Danny Shain is a singer-songwriter born in the USA but has lived in several Latin American countries since 2005 and currently resides in Peru.  For the past 25 years Danny has been honing his music writing and performing skills, throughout the Pacific N.W. of the USA, Central America and Peru.  Although he is not Latino by blood, Danny has a long and very strong connection with the Latina culture since a child via friendships, work and living in Mexico, Central and South America.  Combine Danny´s long time history with Latinos and that he was raised in a rural farming and ranching community as a true country boy, gives him a distinct musical advantage.  He says, ¨I love the Latina culture and my country boy lifestyles and I want to better connect Latinos with Country Music by exploring mixed lyrical content and a tiny bit of Latino flavor.  I want to be very faithful to the Country Music style   because   I   see  increasing  numbers   of   Latinos appreciate it but just haven´t completely connected yet¨. If you want to know more about Danny Shain´s history and how he plans to better connect  Latin-Americans with Country Music in a way that few have ever attempted, please visit his official site, www.dannyshainmusic.com.

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Website: www.dannyshainmusic.com

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