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I Came From Rags To Riches u know wat? there's no need to spoil my Name. Biography... The mere act of surviving on a day to day basis is the foundation from which a true artist builds his craft. Multi-talented newcomer DANNY SILVA PAPLO is no exception to this rule. His dynamic debut album, STAY FREE, a collection of stirring songs, creatively reflects the ups and downs of the singer/songwriter/producer's life experiences. A crafty blend of soulful hip-hop,

"STAY FREE evolved from t...he struggles I went through and what I did and am still doing to correct those things," offers DANNY SILVA PAPLO, who has had his fair share of adolescent problems with both the legal and school system, as is reflected in his redemption song "STAY FREE Everybody." "I've got a habit of writing about everything I go through," he explains, "and this album gives a glimpse of where I am now."

To understand where DANNY SILVA PAPLO is right now is just half the equation. The other half lies in where he came from: this young artist possesses a unique history. A NIGERIAN African, DANNY SILVA PAPLO moved to the LIBYA when he was 14 years of Age. A traditional African but A TYPICAL NIGERIAN FAMILY. DANNY SILVA PAPLO Has travel to many country around the world - Being brought up in an environment that treasures the true artistic value Of Hustling.

It was DANNY SILVA PAPLO's deep rooted love and passion for music, evolving from filial admiration, which allowed him to turn his life around, despite his STAY FREE as a youth residing in Tripoli. DANNY SILVA PAPLO began singing several different kinds of Songs and learnt to use Different voices and eventually embraced hip-hop music and culture, despite his initial disdain for the genre. "When I first heard hip-hop .I thought it was rubbish because I didn't understand the concept of people talking over music," DANNY SILVA PAPLO recalls, "But as I started hanging around with Danny, living a little and listening to the lyrics, I realized that I was going through a lot of stuff these rappers were talking about and I could relate."

Once hip- hop took over his life, DANNY SILVA PAPLO's musical development exploded and he began channeling his energy into writing and producing his own music. Songs such as "Trouble Stop" display how much hip-hop has influenced him. Over the sparsely yet hard hitting groove,ring the lyrics that cleverly integrates original school lyrics. At the same time, the song pays homage to hip-hop pioneers all while maintaining its own identity.

Meanwhile, his first single "PIMP YOU ALL THE WAY" exhibits another side of the artist. On this song DANNY SILVA PAPLO puts forth a feel-good vibe. Singing over a seductive and sensual beat, PIMP YOU ALL THE WAY" is one of DANNY SILVA PAPLO's most irresistible tracks. The song integrates a unique up tempo dance beat with a distinct wind instrumentation floating in the background guaranteed to improve every listener's mood. The reason for this, DANNY SILVA PAPLO says, "There are a lot of negative things going on today." "We need to party and just have fun," he continues, "'PIMP YOU ALL THE WAY…' is a party record. You just go in the club, party and enjoy those beautiful women."

However, life does not solely revolve around beautiful women and leisure time and DANNY SILVA PAPLO is well aware of this. On the somber, soulful "FAKE FRIENDS" and the meditative, impressive "STAY FREE," DANNY SILVA PAPLO gives listeners an in-depth look into a harsher world, one that is just as gripping as it is chilling. But rather than sensationalize his own drama, DANNY SILVA PAPLO transmits, to his audience, the feeling of being a part of his inner circle.

DANNY SILVA PAPLO's personal appeal and ability to reach a listener is a part of his whole package: a package that includes, most importantly, his distinctive vocals and a relaxed singing style. "When I Rap the sound comes from the mood that I am in.These records are coming straight from the heart," DANNY SILVA PAPLO divulges.

Genuine and honest, DANNY SILVA PAPLO's music is a step in a new direction: a trajectory that will lead us on a delightfully fulfilling path. Says DANNY SILVA PAPLO, "When I'm on the mic, I'm just giving the listener a part of me." Be prepared to receive it.See More

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