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Both being from Hawaii, Hawaiianflipboi and Khmer Boy knew they had a lot in common meeting in Middle School. Both of them moved away from Hawaii to Washington. Music has always been apart of there lives, listening to music 99% of their day. They started writing in 7th grade but didnt make anything out of it.It wasnt until 9th grade when they started experimenting. One summer night  HFB was chilling in Khmer Boy's house and they put on a beat. They hooked up karaoke to the computer and started flowing. They made their first song out of being bored. The "Da Phakt Boyz" name was created by Khmer Boy because they spoke true facts.Their second song they made shortly after that which was called "Technological Break Up", where they used autotunes. When they finished with that song they noticed that they enjoyed recording and they started doing more projects with eachother and solo. Their first unofficial mixtape was posted for free downloads which included their songs from the past years. Their new project is called "Cophonophobic" which will hopefully be done soon.

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