Hip-Hop, Hardcore, Rap
From: Miami, FL, United States

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Who is Daraynged? Many know, but yet so many don’t. Born and raised In the county of Dade(Carol City), Daraynged blazes tracks from an M.C. and producer stand point. Having been influenced by his older cousin Jerry Regan Jr.(A.K.A. Junior) and many others such as Trick Daddy, Master P, Outkast, U.G.K., and Eightball and M.J.G., he quickly fell in love with hip-hop at the age of 13. “Rap about whats true to you and you’ll always have something real to say”, his cousin used to tell him. Rapping went from a hobby to a serious dream when Frantic gathered Daraynged and 3 other members to become World Wide Gangstas. Shortly after, the 5 man group narrowed down to 3 and became Psycho Infantry. “I could easily come up with songs and write rhymes because of everything we went through and was going through on the streets, and because I would always hear beats in my head but we never had a producer”, says Daraynged. But things changed when D.Knights introduced the group to Rudy Reid. Rudy’s studio and production of beats helped the group, but Rudy quickly convinced Daraynged to start producing tracks himself. “When we would record with Rudy, I would tell him how I wanted the track, and he would lay it down. “He wanted me to try to construct tracks myself because he said he saw the know-how in me to do so”. Producing influences include the “original” Beats By The Pound(KLC, Criag B., O’Dell, Mo B. Dick, Carlos Stephens), Timbaland, Dr. Dre, and Jermaine Dupri. Having a passion for pursuing music and dealing with the fast life of the streets was a difficult inbalance, especially being involved in both. “ If it wasn’t for us having such a strong vibe for music, and me having my daughter, I don’t know where me and Frantic would be”, says Daraynged thinking back on his teenage years. “I would always learn from the mistakes of other street cats, and try to do things different, but after a while you just have to wise up. Only a select few make it out free and have a story to tell, and I wanted to be one of them” Daraynged says his flow will take you back 10 years when rap was rap, and rappers were giving you their life on wax.He states that hip-hop is now a fashion show of people wanting to be something they aren’t, or like somebody who was really doing hardcore stuff. The Miami native states that rapping about dope, cars, and jewelry has become a ridiculous fad, and its hard to weed out the real from the fake.Representing Miami and Florida to the fullest, Daraynged is in the next line up of artists to blow from the bottom. He protests to bring the reality back to street music. Working with and producing tracks for local Miami artists such as Frantic, Da One, Radio Raheem, Kane, Dee Bee, QD, Shoota, The Hitman, and even up and coming North Carolina group The Beware Boyz, Atlanta-based artists Playa-P, Daraynged proves to be a force to be reconed with. Also Daraynged shows that he can also make an impact with stage performances as well. Performing in clubs such as Crysals, Club 826, The Clubhouse, Club Sandals, The Lexx, and even and internet-based television show known as Krib TV. His goals are obvious, to conquer the music industry by any means necessary, rapping or beat making.

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Website: www.myspace.com/psychohitsinc

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