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About Dark Planet Studios was founded by members Dean 'Young-Pro' Jackson, Orlando 'Lanz' Morgan, Pitika 'Di Prodigy' Brown and Lorenzo 'Franchise' Grant in the summer of 2009. Each member sharing the common love for music, producing and composing, came together with the common goal of building a successful production company, trying to create a new recipe adding a new flavor to Dancehall and music of various genres. This formation served as a combination of the younger, curious, strongly driven, creative, unique and growing styles of Di Prodigy and Franchise, in the mix with the more experienced and managerial styles of Young-Pro and Lanz. All members, being producers, possess their own unique personal styles of composing, which in turn balances the group while adding flexibility, broadening the scope of instrumentals composed and available for recording artists to choose from. This allows for all the needs of recording artists to be catered to no matter the genre. Dancehall is our personal favorite. Still, this does not define Dark Planet Studios, as openness to all genres of music has led to the embrace and appreciation of all genres. This is showcased through the production of various styles and genres of music, implementing person styles adding that Dark Planet flavor as it is best suited. There are no specifics in terms of recording artists Dark Planet Studios would like to work with. All artists are welcome, scaling from the veterans to all those young undeveloped and undiscovered talent. The Main focus is the future, innovativeness, versatility, creativity and originality. Bringing something new to the table, artists and music, new sounds, building on all that already exists while preserving that Dark Planet Flavor.

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Website: www.darkplanetstudios.com

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