Gothic, Metal
From: Kragujevac, Serbia and Montenegro

Band Members

  • Branislav Blagojevic - guitar
  • Ivan Ilic - guitar
  • Vojin Ratkovic - drums
  • Nevena Peric - vocal
  • Ratko Petrovic - bass

About Band

“DARKSHINES” was founded at the beginning of 2003 in Kragujevac (Serbia) by Branislav Blagojevic and Ivan Ilic with the sole aim to bring something new and yet unheard in this area with their music. They soon hit the target with the arrival of a young and very perspective singer Jelena Savkovic. Soon after Branko Stikovic-bass and Vojin Ratkovic-drums joined the band and their first album was made. It had been recorded in the “Renaissance” studio in Kragujevac for over a year. What sets this project apart beside great gothic-progressive-thrash metal songs is excellent, distinctive production. PGP-RTS noted it first and gave the opportunity to DARKSHINES to record their first CD for the largest recording company in Serbia. The album “WHERE” was released in June 2005 containing 8 author’s songs among which, according to the listeners, stood out ‘Let me in your heart’, ’One day the sun will die’, for both the spots/videos were made, and ’This life’. The bend had numerous remarkable performances such as on EXIT Festival, Hard’n’Heavy Festival in Bela Crkva, Halloween party in Belgrade etc. DARKSHINES was pronounced, by the listeners and almost all relevant media in the country, the most pleasant surprise in 2006. Their interviews were published in the greatest musical magazines in Serbia, such as Butcherian Vibe, Metal Hammer, and Nocturne. The band has an anecdote regarding Zajecarska gitarijada in 2004. Namely, DARKSHINES was deprived of participation by the organizers due to belief that the recording they had sent wasn’t theirs but of some foreign band, allegedly downloaded from the internet. This made the band even more confident and eager to continue with the hard work that was finally crowned with the release of the album. Meantime, some changes were made regarding the members of the band so the new bass guitar is now Ratko Petrovic. At the moment band is in the studio finishing its second album which is due to release in the summer of 2010.

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Website: www.myspace.com/darkshinesband

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