Dark Theory

Dark Theory

Dark Theory

Black Metal, Industrial, Experimental
From: Thanet, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Ryan - Bass, Lead Vocals, Drum Programing
  • Olivia - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Drum Programing

About Band

Dark Theory is a Black Metal/Doom Metal/Industrial Metal band taking influences from a wide variety of genres. Originally formed in September 2006 as a regular 4-piece with a more alternative metal and metalcore influence, the band went through many changes before the unreliablity of members caused founder and bassist Ryan to continue the project alone in late 2007. The genre shifted from Metalcore to a Black Metal style and after two somewhat 'ok' demos, a third CD (named Every Kind of Filth) was finished and is by far the best one as by now the songs have been greatly refined into a pure but experimental mix of Black Metal and Doom Metal, email or add spriter_rifle@hotmail.com or leave a message here if you want a copy or to trade (also avaliable is the equally as good and similary styled 'Disgust for Humanity' demo). In reaction to the increasingly commerial direction of Black Metal, Doom Metal, and Industrial Metal, Dark Theory strives to be extreme and unique, mixing all three genres into one truly original sound. As of December 12th the band added Callum Wilkinson on Lead Guitar and Olivia Kennet on Rythm Guitar, Backing Vocals and Keyboards. However Callum quit after a few months due to the fact he much prefered Grindcore over Dark Theory's Avant-Garde Black Metal sound, so we are currently looking for a replacement and a drummer. Dark Theory also took a Black Metal approach in rejection of the local Deathcore and Metalcore overload because they all sound the fucking same. If you're from England and play in a Black Metal band (or any other type of rock or metal band I like it all really) or know of one please tell me, I'd love to trade demos with you or something.

I'd like to credit A43, irrlicht, sapht, blahbahdeeboda, jace, acclivity, ERH, starpause, VEXST and markystar for creating the samples used in my songs.

"i really enjoyed "Every Kind Of Filth" this album is the shit man, very cool, the way that you use such good timing to and create many different styles of evil, very cool, i like the music even better now that i have the albums. i will let you know when i listen to the new one. this has got to be one of the most interesting and experimental black metal i have gotten to listen too in a while." ~ Rotting in an Open Field

"received the CD yesterday, played it in the car on the way to work today. As ever, it's a fantastic headfuck -- track 3 is possibly the most disturbing track I've ever heard (I hope to God that isn't you in the background...!). Great stuff. >:-)=" ~ John Wood (Balbulus and Church Ruins)

"Listened to the CD. It has a pretty grim sound, which I like, and plenty of atmosphere, although the intro was faily strange!" ~ Baba Yaga

"Im actually listening to Disgust for Humanity right now! Sounds of a Paranoid Mind is a brilliant track!" ~ Intra Tenebrae

"would be really cool to listen to tripping" ~ Ogtegnet

"It's like someone ripped the face off of Black Metal and put a robot inside. You could just as easily rave to this as headbang" ~ Mike Truman (Dead on Arrival)

"I'm enjoying you music more and more as you progress through releases" ~ Barad Dur

"Hey your stuff came through today! I'm currently listening to the 'Every Kind Of Filth' cd and it's very good. I take it you're into dance music?" ~ Daear

"Dark Theory are hilarious. Cheered me right up :D" ~ Blaencathra

"I've herd “Every Kind OF Filth” 6 or 8 times the way through and I like it. I love the industrial elements and the full sound you have. It's really original as well" ~ Wojna

"Nice to meet a band with a concept and a vision, and not afraid to do what they want to do. There are not many around" ~ Ophidian Forest



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