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"Da STRANGER" TM is a collaboration of Artists as well as John Matthews stage name. First-Aid which consists of Dez Corleone [Desmond], Fillmo J.R. and E.P. [Elvin], E.P. is not only a rapper but the main producer for this camp: Tear It Down ENT is Buck 1 [Sherman]: and Solo Artist Bookie Bangum [Robert].

John is portrayed as the voice and face of "Da STRANGER" TM. Founded in 2000 in Baton Rouge, LA. The indie label was set up to cater for progressive, Hip-Hop, Southern Rap, Trip-hop, Hardcore, Crunk, Mixes, and breakbeat releases by fresh new talent as well as established producers. The first release by Da Stranger "Shake a Leg" Maxi Single and. “So Krucial” Compilation which include songs "C-Town, and B**ch back Up', captivated dance floors throughout the globe and set fourth the tone and determination in which Da STRANGER conducts its self today. With only 3 releases and many underground releases and hits down the line Da STRANGER has already gained much support from some of the most well renowned DJs on the international circuit making Da STRANGER one of the leading progressive independant Artists..

In this label or crew as many like to call it, First-Aid rears its young head with Dez Corleone, Elvin Presley, Elvis Williams, along with Tear It Down ENT's Sherman Dawson, and our Solo artist Robert Bangum and many more. Da STRANGER intends to incorporate Bad Newz entities as well.

So Stay tuned for new and up and coming HITS!!!!!

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Website: www.dastranger.com

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