Dave Eakin and Steve Hoke

Dave Eakin and Steve Hoke

Dave Eakin and Steve Hoke

Acoustic, Americana, Country
From: Fairfield, VA, United States

About Band

Steve Hoke is originally from the hills of North Carolina. An area renowned for a flourishing music scene, he was exposed to many different genres. Even after transplanting himself into the Virginia mountains, he has continued to increase his exposure with new ideas and explorations. His repertoire runs the gamut from his traditional fiddle to screaming rock guitar. A lover of strings he is also an accomplished Luthier. His collection includes some unique instruments as well as beautifully styled traditionals. When he is not recording or building, Steve is also a much sought out instructor for anyone with a hunger to learn.

Dave Eakin has spent years in the Shenandoah Valley honing his skills as a singer and songwriter. His knowledge and ability mirror his many musical influences. Finding inspiration in both prominent and the most obscure places, there is no question why he is a favorite in the Virginia music scene. Dave’s understanding of melodies and harmony not only makes him an excellent guitarist but a persuasive teacher as well. Together these two well-paired men have begun to breathe life into the old time mountain music in which we are all rooted. Their playing style is traditional and harmonious. There words and melodies remind us all that it’s not just music, it’s a persons’ soul.

Dave and Steve met some years ago and immediately recognized a kinship in the music they shared. Although this is their first studio album together, they have built a lasting fan base through their live performances. The simplicity of this album is a reflection on how life should be, how it used to be, before things started moving so fast in the world. While both men are laid back and easy going they have strong convictions on their music and in life. People easily relate to them both, as well as the music they write and perform. This much awaited release is being successfully marketed with some help from their fans throughout the US. The disc is now available on Cdbaby.com, Itunes, Amazon, and a few others. The album can also be sampled at their website www.daveandsteveduo.com or www.myspace.com/daveeakinandstevehoke

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Website: www.daveandsteveduo.com
Website: www.myspace.com/daveeakinandstevehoke

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