David Miller

David  Miller

David Miller

Gospel, Indie, Christian
From: Miami, FL, United States

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In 1996, David Miller had a vision to start his own group of young folk that dont mind given God crazy praise. In doing that, he remain faithful to his local church, where he was the youngest director, but most talented as a young person in the church. David was alway's considered the most talented in a lot that he has done in his generation. At the age 7, David directed his first choir and that's where it all began. David's peers look up to him as someone they can follow the lead from. He has alway's been involve in the area of music as a singer, director, and writer. Joshua's Generation is a form of young people that are friends & family to David. J.G. was first formed in 1997, which at the time was helped and developed by A.J. Wright, and co founded with James Paulk, He continued the vision God gave him even when God started given some of the member's other assignments to move on in this life. This is the 4th set of member's throughout the years of J.G., "Even though member's have moved on to other thing's, we still remain friends and see each other as family". He feel's most comfortable with people around him that has a heart for ministry, and are able to have fun at the same time. (J.G.) is now full of young Adults between the ages of 19-43 with some family & friend exceptions. Joshua Generation has just a few warrior's that's sold out for the work of the Lord, . With God leading David Miller to the next level in ministry, They are really following a follower who can be a leader as well as be lead under submition. That's why these young people have stepped out on faith to follow whatever God has in-store for this group. David, has played the roll of being lead by the spirit of what God has next in line for this group. David Miller got his first taste of the music industry, when became a member of "Marc Cooper & Friend's", This is where he started learning most of his professionalism, that have made him into the person he is musically today. He has been blessed to be apart of other groups in his hometown such as The Miami Mass Choir, where he served as a Singer/Director for 6 years, Miami Florida Music Delegation as a Director/Writer/Singer for 3 years. David was blessed to Direct his first project as a Director on the Miami Music Worshop project Intitled: "Real Thing" in 1999. David is currently the Director for The New Birth Baptist Church in Miami, Florida where the Pastor is Bishop Victor T. Curry. J.G. memeber's are all active member's of different local church's in the Miami area. This group under the leadership of David Miller still strives to be all that God want's them to be as he manifest himself in there lives. As the 2000 years approach, David & J.G. has been through many ups and downs such as lost of friends and family. He recently lost his Niece in June of 2008, his mother Sept. 21, 2008, and his grandfather November of 2008, But God is still in control over all. This group is moving to bigger dreams and the next level of worship. David has written and arrange many song's of his own and others, But his recent most extraordinary thing he has done with his talent was just done with his church choir(NEW BIRTH BAPTIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL OF FAITH INTERNATIONAL/MIAMI), Who's church album did drop in March of 2009. But, the vision continues. David is now branching off to be a solo artist, and does plan to keep his friends around to help him in his ministry. As a young man who this country is sleeping on and many other's from his area, don't be shocked when the Lord elevate's him to many hites that he can't have no room to recieve. New Single Coming soon in 2012!

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