Daybreak Ends

Daybreak Ends

Daybreak Ends

Rock, Metal, Hard rock
From: Hollywood, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Greg - Vox
  • Mike - Guitars
  • Jonny - Drums
  • Josh - Bass

About Band

From the fast paced life style of Los Angeles California comes a new sound. One with edge and with kick. This isn't your average band coming to the stage. This is Daybreak Ends. A hard rock, punk, goth band from Burbank, Ca. With awesome grooves, catchy hooks, and phenomenal live shows, DbE has arrive to prove to the masses that music is indeed not dead. It only lays dormant until the worthy can pick up the torch. Daybreak Ends is that band. A stellar mix up of AFI, Breaking Benjamin, and From First to Last, leaves you clinging to your seat. But when it's over, you still need more. So drool if you have to, talk to people and tell them why. Why music has emerged from the tombs of hiatus!!!

 Daybreak Ends started 5 years ago as the brainchild of singer GREG BROWN. He met with drummer JONNY GARCIA, Bassist James Patterson, and Guitarist Matt King. Together they wrote and recorded their first demo to be handed out. After that came the first tour, which consisted of a few miles put under the hood of the new band van. After a while, Matt and the band decided to go separate ways, leaving the others with the the task of finding a new guitarist. Enter guitar Godsend MIKE BARTAK, the veteran willing to take on the task of following Matt. Mike quickly proved he was more than what the band needed. They immediately jumped into the studio, released their debute full length cd PERFECT TRAGEDY then hit the road. The band was out for 4 months. Hitting venues hard with their presence and leaving their names in walls and mind across the countries. Once returning home, James decided his time was also up in the band. So once again, Daybreak was looking for a new member. After a few trial runs with other bassists, Greg came in contact with JOSH CHASTAIN. The two talked for a week, he tried out, and just like that, the band was complete again. Since the solidification of the line up the band has gone out touring again, released the latest EP THE SELF UNSEEN and are preparing to take another journey down the paths of highways and state signs.

 This band works hard, doesn't quit, and rises above all the others. The music proves it, the lives shows relish it, and the band knows it. Music once again has a name. And it's name is Daybreak Ends!!

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