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Dennis Brown "Crown Prince of Reggae" icon of Jamaica ,Marleys fav. singer documented  Smooth Reggae Rand B ,Urban sounds is his style of influence. ww singers were mentored/ influenced by his music Our cd dvd vol 1 has 25 artists, vol 2 has 20 more artists.45 total.. see dbtribute.org lineup pg some are there to hear .

Its 50th Anniv Bday of his music and life teach the youth go to www.DBtribute.org  real history 20 pges go thru it hear jukebox on hm pg 53 hits  see discog pg  70 albums 530 collaborations died july 1, 99 at early 40s too soon. See our store  pg all created hair skin body of St Criox natural  products my posters in color ,original prints. to buy schools in Jamaica  supplies soccer ,computers ,music instruments   for  the first school Central Branch in Kingston  where Dennis went.

Awareness of DBrown is buzzing on over 995  sites  ning185 growing daily.

hear www.showcaseyourmusic.com/db50thtributecddvd  3 songs released logos too

media go to http://www.sonicbids.com/db50thtributecddvdcollaboration audio link 7 mp3s 4 are commercials

See us at www.youtube.com/dbtributevideo  www.livevideo.com/db50thtribute 

Hear store www.nimbitmusic.com/db50thtribute

www.cbeantv.com/dennis_brown_tribute  also www.cbeanmediatv.com see paypervue button see round 50th seal trailer click on 15 min video there soon 35 min paypervue will be there.out of the 95 min dvd  doc in HD.

soon www.reggaeprince.com   is up .our 35 min dvd will paypervue on sites  see cbeanmedia.om

Sell tracks  of  cddvd  vol 1 case soon Vol 2  at the store   of DBtribute.org  Our future cds are Women of Reggae 09 ,Tosh tribute cddvd for his charity . 4 cds for right now in my future as Ascap publisher  Heres Lookinat you Ent! , Mgr of Artists ,Hairdresser  35 yrs , pt photographer for site   PR Media and Press

Any questions nice  ideas DBtribute@yahoo.com


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Website: www.dbtribute.org

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