Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: Miami, FL, United States

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Don Mega, CEO of Mega Muzik, and in house producer for the infamous D-Block Record Label is well known for one thing…. making hits. His passion to produce was first ignited upon hearing Eric B. and Rakim. He could really relate to the beat and the lyrics as they were a reflection of his real life situations growing up in the Bronx, it changed his life. From this point on Mega became intrigued to learn how to express his story through music. Producing for the last 5 years, Don Mega has mastered his production skills through the use of his MPC 5000, ProTools , AppleLogic, Reasons, and ProLogic software. He is known for his signature sound of original beats and working in eccentric sounds. Every time he embarks on creating a new track, its his mission to make sure its unique. His inspiration comes from his life experiences, artist requests, and his love for music. He admires the work of fellow producers Alchemist and Zaytoven, in addition to recording artists Styles P, Jadakiss, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, and Jay-Z just to name a few. Mega greatly respects the contributions they have made to the music industry and strives to do the same. Unlike most other top industry producers arising from an extensive background as DJ’s , Don Mega’s one of a kind production style arose from his drive and insatiable love for Hip-Hop. Besides producing for artists within his own label, Don Mega has worked on a number of projects to include the following artists/labels: Lil Boosie, Webbie,Trill Will, Savage Life Entertainment, Ty, and Pretty Ricky. He has also received the attention of artists Usher, Blu Cantrell, and Konvict music who recently showed interest in his production. His ability to create at least seven different music genres provides the opportunity for limitless clientele among various continents and cultural backgrounds. Always at the top of his game, Mega developed his discipline and leadership skills by playing basketball from adolescence through his collegiate years. Through independent networking and marketing efforts he has built a demand for his music production and respect for his keen business skills. In the Fall of 2011, Don Mega was able to start his own record label known as Mega Muzik. As popularity for his work has expanded to an international level, Don Mega is in the works of opening his own 5,000 sq ft recording studio in Miami where he now resides. His goal is to create a haven where artists can do much more than just record a song. As the music industry is constantly changing, Mega wants to make sure that he and his artists remain relevant as they embark on the journey to become future icons. More than just a super producer, Don Mega takes time out of his busy schedule to mentor misguided youth and raise money for charity. He is grateful for his success and shows his appreciation by giving back to the community. Despite his hectic schedule, Mega makes sure to keep up with his training and nutrition. Staying physically fit helps keep his mind clear to be inspired to create his next hit. Don Mega is currently working on a compilation project to feature the latest up and coming recording artists signed to his label, once distributed he will set off with his team on a 10 city tour to introduce fans to the next Mega Stars . He has put in a tremendous amount of groundwork in organizing this event and looks forward to seeing it come to life. His goal is to put everything he has into making his and others dreams come true and so far he has been successful at that. Described as charismatic, determined, and versatile, Don Mega is well on his way to becoming one of the most revolutionary producers of the 21st Century.

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