Hard rock, Rock, Metal
From: Hollywood, CA, United States

Band Members

  • Jeff Duncan - Guitars/Lead Vox
  • Shawn Duncan - Percussion
  • Matt Duncan - Bass/Backing Vox
  • Rowan Robertson - Guitars

About Band

With some of the most impressive hard rock credits behind their name, DC4 is comprised of ROWAN ROBERTSON (guitars), JEFF DUNCAN (guitars/lead vox), MATT DUNCAN (bass) and SHAWN DUNCAN (drums). Past associations of individual band members include stints with RONNIE JAMES DIO and ARMORED SAINT, among other notable major and independent label recording artists. Their collective experience has coalesced into one of the hardest rocking bands of the 21st century: DC4

The brand new disc by DC4 is called EXPLODE. Set for release Oct 31st 2007, EXPLODE is the band's most definitive record to date - the hard rock gem of the year. Marked by the melodic and lyrical prowess of guitarist/singer JEFF DUNCAN, EXPLODE showcases strong songwriting rarely found in hard rock. Effusing abandon in the human condition without foregoing restraint, DC4 has created a set of cuts that knows no particular era. EXPLODE broadens the band's musical palette while simplifying their core sound, hitting hard when and where it counts.

Adding former teenage guitar prodigy ROWAN ROBERTSON to the line-up last year dialed in the focus of DC4 to an unimaginable degree. Giving the band its sharpest edge yet, the chemistry between ROBERTSON and guitarist/singer JEFF DUNCAN is like two sides of the same coin - the incendiary yin-and-yang of two brothers who, along with bassist MATT and drummer SHAWN, endeavor to take hard rock to the next level. Ironically, the newest and youngest member of DC4 is the only one of the four who's not a sibling by blood, but he may as well be. "ROWAN just happens to be another brother in that he comes from the same school. He likes powerful, strong music. From the first time we played with him, we knew it was gonna work," drummer SHAWN DUNCAN explained. "Overall, EXPLODE has more teeth. It's a better representation of the band. We knew what songs we were going to record, how they were going to go and what kind of attitude each song had. We knew what we wanted as individuals and as a band." Producer JOEY VERA (Armored Saint) was brought into the fold to produce EXPLODE. Given a 10-song demo to assess, the hard rock/metal veteran had an opportunity to help realize the vision of a band whose sound he knows so well.

Having worked with Producer JOE FLOYD (Bruce Dickinson, Warrior) on their debut EP MOOD SWINGS, DC4 switched gears when they first enlisted JOEY VERA to be at the helm of their full-length disc entitled VOLUME ONE (2002). VOLUME ONE separated DC4 from the rest of the pack with a heavy dose of melody in a hard rock setting and lyrics that neither mimic emotions nor come from a place that isn't absolutely real. Released in Europe on Rising Sun Records, VOLUME ONE steadily garnered critical and commercial acclaim while setting the course in motion to put DC4 on the map as the hottest up-and-coming hard rock band of today. VOLUME ONE may have built an audience and laid a solid foundation, but it's no match for current fan reaction to the new tracks from EXPLODE that recently posted on the band's MYSPACE page. If MOOD SWINGS was the strong effort of a band honing their sound, VOLUME ONE was the record that would culminate into the vision that DC4 has now: EXPLODE!


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