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Dead Kid Harvester is a solo experimental artist with a complete disregard for any form of music convention such as harmony or tempo, a style best described as anti-music or erratic discord. Primary instruments used are vocals and kitchen utensils. Influences range from doom metal to gothic industrial and old school punk. Dead Kid Harvester materialized in New Zealand in December 2000. The name Dead Kid Harvester is a combination of two nicknames acquired at high school, and is no less off-putting than the music itself.

Dead Kid Harvester creates music by recording various samples and bits and pieces, and combines them haphazardly into songs with use of effects such as pitch changes, pitch bends, time stretches, and heavy equalizing. Effects are used slightly differently in left and right channels to create a more interesting sound. The life of a song usually begins with writing the lyrics.

The long-term plan is to record a debut album, The First Sign Of Madness.

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