Death Is The Navigator

Death Is The Navigator

Death Is The Navigator

Progressive, Metal
From: Southampton, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Tom Atkinson - Lead Vocals
  • Chloe Parsons - Capt. Guitar!
  • Maximillian Fox - Rhythm Guitar
  • Lewis Ethell - Bass
  • Richard Bayless - Drums

About Band

We are a thrash/progressive metal band based in Southampton UK.

Our history:
We are a relatively new band on the scene and have been going since 2014. We currently have a demo song available on our SoundCloud page (which you can have for free if you like it!) and in mid 2015 we started gigging around the local areas.

What we're up to:
We are currently getting ourselves out there! Looking to gig as much as possible so if there's anyone needing a progressive band, get in contact with us! Later on in 2015 we are recording 3 of our songs in the studio and releasing them together as the Heliognosis EP as well as the song on our SoundCloud.

What we sound like and our influences:
We haven't really been able to put a finger on what we sound like, because all of us have lots of different musical tastes. There are a lot of elements of thrash (Metallica/Slayer and a bit of Megadeth) as well as progressive stuff (mainly Tool, The Contortionist). We also like putting a lot of ambient stuff in, so you could argue we have an experimental influence as well.

What bands we like:
LOADS! Bring me the horizon, Killswitch Engage, Metallica, Slayer, Machine Head, Tool, Iron Maiden, The Contortionist, Megadeth, Nirvana, GWAR, Type-O-Negative, Motorhead, Cattle Decapitation, Skull Fist, Dragonforce, and just for the LOLs, Archagathus.

Our songs:
You can listen to them on here. Our best live songs will also be put up but it's better to watch it directly on YouTube.

Where we're at:
You can check us out on our official website. Also, if you like our stuff, please consider supporting us and give us a like on Facebook! :)

And finally here's our SoundCloud and YouTube channels.

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