From: RICHMOND, VA, United States

Band Members

  • WAX - CEO/Rapper
  • BIP - Producer/Rapper
  • CHEIF - CEO/Rapper
  • YELLA - Rapper

About Band

“THE DEDIKATED BOYZ” The Dedikated Boyz is a known rap group throughout their region. The group is from Richmond, VA and has a southern/crunk style of music. In 1993 they started rapping at the ages of seven and eight years old in a studio inside of their aunt’s laundry room. The group then, went by the name of Kinda Young. In 2001 the group got serious about making music and changed their name to The Dedikated Boyz. Dedicated meaning; devoted to a cause or ideal or purpose. The group consisted of five members: Wax, Cheif, Yella Boy, Bip, and Lil Daddy. After the passing of Lil Daddy in 2003, the group now consists of four current members. Wax, the oldest (10/31/84) is best known for his gangster swag and productive hooks. Next in age is Yella Boy (03/11/85), who is best known for his laid back swag and creativeness. Cheif, the third oldest (09/16/85) is best known for his high energy level and his lyrics. Bip, the youngest of the group (03/16/86) is best known for his crunk style and real life experiences he portrays on songs. Bip is also the group’s producer, producing all of the tracks. Together they form a versatile group who can deliver hit songs from many aspects and angles. Lil Coogi and Lil Rod who are the group’s long time childhood friends are also part of the team. They contribute to Booking shows, managing the group’s street team, and helping out in any way they can. Lil Rod also assists Bip with producing some of the tracks. In 2004 the guys put out their first Mix Tape “Down Bad Vol. I”. The Mix Tape helped the group get a small buzz going. In 2005 the group dropped their first full length album “Dedikated 2 Da Hustle”. The album was a success selling over 2000 units in the streets. The Dedikated Boyz also known as the D-Boyz now gained a huge fan base throughout the 804 region. They performed at clubs not only in Richmond but also in the Hampton Roads and North Carolina area. Their single on the album “I Wonna see it” was featured on many DJ’s Mix Tapes, and was played on the radio and at local clubs. In 2006 the group kept their name buzzing in the streets by releasing another successful Mix Tape, “Down Bad Vol. II”. Down Bad Volumes I and II each sold over 1000 units. Now having had over 3000 units sold in the streets, the group released another full length album in 2007 “Mandatory”. Mandatory sold over 5000 units and is still being requested by many fans. The group is now working on their third full length album “Built 2 Last”, which should be released May 2008. Although the music speaks for itself, strong and energetic live performances are the reason for the local success of the group. Performing at least once a week, the Dedikated Boyz have performed almost everywhere including night clubs, high school proms, birthday parties, car shows and even at coliseums. Jan. 25th 2008 was the group’s biggest performance. The group performed in front of over four thousand fans at the Richmond’s Landmark Theater opening up for Rap star Lil Wayne. The show was a success. The group also opened up for many other artists including Plies and Lil Boosie. Look forward for the group in the future because it’s no slowing down for the Dedikated Boyz!! For Cd’s Shows Features Management Beats EMAIL Dedikated Boyz AT DEDIKATEDBOYZ@YAHOO.COM

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