Dee Jeneral

Dee Jeneral

Dee Jeneral

From: Detroit, MI, United States

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.. .. .. .. .. Born Darius James Edward Hudson,Dee Jay A.K.A Dee Jeneral is the middle child of four.He has an older brother Kevin,younger brother Brandon,and the youngest is Kyla.Dee Jay was born and raised in Detroit Michigan.He always had an inspiration on music.He used to go to church and that would be his favorite part,the music.He'd enjoy all kind of music,Rap,R&B,Gospel,and even Country music.He enjoyed that at the age of four,when his family moved to New york.Everyday he came home from Pre-school he would head straight for his radio,singing every song even if he didn't know it.Two years later he moved back to Detroit to live with his grandmother and grandfather.They had an even bigger effect on his love for music.They would always play music like:Al Green,Johnny Taylor,Sam Cooke,Michael Jackson,Aretha Franklin,and more.His grandfather would get him and his little brother Brandon to come sing along on a microphone connected to the stereo,in front of his family.After that Dee Jay thought about being a singer when he grew up,until he moved to the west side of Detroit.Over their he didn't hear all of that old folk's music anymore,he now heard more rap than ever.He even discovered a new T.V channel called B.E.T Lol. He then went crazy for rap,especially seeing all of the girls and what they could do.When he visited his grandparents again,they were suprised that he didn't like hearing their music anymore.He would ask them to put on The Hot Boys or Jay z.Later on he noticed two new rappers out.They were Lil Bow wow and Lil Romeo.He thought since they were only kids and could be a rapper than he could be a rapper,he just had to find out how.The first song he ever wrote was for a girl when he was in second grade.He liked her so much he forgot all about being a rapper.He then started talking to girls when the third grade came,and every since then it was a wrap .He been through seroius relationships and bad relationships,the one's where you get your heart broken.When Dee Jay hit Middle School,he noticed that if he wanted the girls,he would have to dress better.He grew up not having alot of money with a single working parent so,he wasn't the best dressed in school with all of the newest clothes.Thats when Dee Jay started stealing cars with his older cousin.They would go and sell the cars and Dee Jay would have a quick two-hundred dollars in his pocket.He spent his money on clothes.Now he was getting closer to money and girls in his life.In the eighth grade,he was reminded of being a rapper by his friends,and also his cousins Jamie and Lil rick.They would sit around in the class rapping stupid stuff and trying to diss one another.Then Dee Jay remembered his dream.He went back to thinking about being a rapper.He already had the girls and money,but he thought if he was famous he would have more girls and money.Now he's in High School,ninth grade.He know he's going to be a rapper now.Dee jay write rap's in school when he's bored or don't understand what the hell the teacher is talking about.He listens to his ipod thats filled with Lil Wayne,50 cent,Ludacris,T.I,Nas and Jay Z,every night he go's to sleep.When Dee Jay writes songs,he write about things that happened in his life like;how it was growing up,the girls he deal and dealt with,money and clothes of course,and the struggles he people go through everyday...But Now Its 2012,That Was 2007...Rapping Is Just A Hobby 2 Him Now,But he still droppin dat real shit!!! Dee Jeneral

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