Def Shon

Def Shon

Def Shon

Hip-Hop, Rap, Funk
From: San Diego, CA, United States

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Nowadays it's increasingly hard to come out of Southern California and get substantial buzz without being linked to the storied N.W.A. family tree (Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, etc.) but San Diego California's Def Shon, has managed to make quite a name for himself, carving his own niche in Cali's dense crop of unsigned talent

Now poised as the New West next to blow, 28 year-old Def Shon first made his presence known in Crawford High School. He relentlessly hit up talent shows around the region as well as Inland Empire under the direction of his Aunt;s management company Mecca One. After leaving Mecca One to try to make it on his own imprint Hypebomb Records his career took off.

His latest finds Def Shon's brand of hip hop refreshing to the ear. Over the heavy synths of "Get Gigadee", Def Shon spit with ferocity of a rap veteren: "At night I'm bright, I ain't talkin bout no ice, ain't no need for a flashlight/ I see you in the club fuckin with then dimes fool, I gotta couple quarters, silver dolla's nigga holla/ They askin' for my number, trying to choose me out a ring tone, these girls on my scent, no cologne but my phermones". Def Shon proves he doesn't have to be a gangsta to make noise on the west. A force to be reckon with.


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