Deja' Vudoo

Deja' Vudoo

Deja' Vudoo

Hard rock, Gothic, Industrial
From: Harrisburg, PA, United States

Band Members

  • Tina Marie - vocals
  • Michael - guitar/backing vocals
  • Anthony - guitar/keys/backing vocals
  • Michael Alan - bass/backing vocals
  • Tony - drums

About Band

Part hard rock, part gothic, part industrial, all original... Deja' Vudoo is a female-fronted band from Harrisburg, PA, whose music projects a raw and infectious energy that takes first-time listeners by surprise. 
Deja' Vudoo's music is heavy and eclectic, the lyrics are insightful and often graphic, speaking of the horrors of the human animal. 

Reuniting four musicians who parted company once before, Deja Vudoo is their new vision. With the addition of the fifth member on keys, their sound began to evolve, giving their hard rock sound the gothic and industrial edge you now hear. Destined to be among the greatest undiscovered bands of this age, Deja Vudoo is ready to take their rightful place in the Central PA music scene.

Deja Vudoo was proud and honored to work with producer, Jason Rubal, at Seventh Wave Studio to record their debut full length album, Scratching The Surface, which is now available at CDBaby.

Anyone involved in film or tv interested in using our music, please contact RockDiva & SugarDaddy Publishing.

Deja Vudoo can also be found on 

Artwork and graphic design by Adriane Hornung and Wraven Design. Check out more of her work at

What people are saying about us and Scratching The Surface... * Sherri Mullen - RockDiva & SugarDaddy Publishing - "Passionate/powerful vocals, clever lyrics, intricate harmonies, and brilliant musical arrangements, make this is one of the finest debut albums I have ever heard!! Deja Vudoo...your time is NOW!!"

* Jason Rubal, Producer - Seventh Wave Studio - "...let me say that every moment with all of you was an absolute pleasure. I will work with any of you on any project at any time."

* Rachel Rocks of the PA Musician Magazine (in the upcoming July issue) - "Deja Vudoo really amazed me. Tina Marie's voice is amazing and all the guys back her up magnificently... These guys just went crazy from one song to the next. They really had me amazed by their original talent."

* m3rcury of Morbid - "I saw these guys... and I was... blown away. Rock, metal, alternative with a dark gothic undertone, Deja Vudoo mix it all together and take you on one hell of a ride. Tina Marie''s vocals are absolutely haunting and powerful at the same time, while the rest of the band was simultaneously amusing and perfect. The band is the perfect combination of thundering heaviness and eerie beauty that you just have to hear it to understand."

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