Demir Demirkan

Demir Demirkan

Demir Demirkan

From: Istanbul, Turkey

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As a follow-up to his previous highly successful world-wide solo CD release, Öfkem ve Ben, internationally renowned guitarist, composer, songwriter and singer Demir Demirkan releases his latest instrumental single, The Other Within.  Istanbul based Demirkan is one of a handful of guitarists in the world today that can legitimately lay claim to the often over-used and hyperbolic designation ‘guitar hero.’  Yet, contrary to many that have received this kind of high praise, Demirkan has the goods in abundance to back it up.  His emotionally driven improvisational prowess and technical virtuosity are outstanding in their conception and execution and this is amply demonstrated on his new single, The Other Within.


“Demirkan's . . . superb guitar skills are . . . extraordinary . . .”Dave Thompson, All Music Guide


Featured on The Other Within is an array of Demirkan’s many formidable ‘hats.’  Not only is this an original composition on which he plays outstanding and compelling electric and acoustic guitar, but much like a classical electronic composer he plays and/or programs all the other instruments on the cut, as well as functions as producer and arranger in a fascinating individual display of his many diverse talents.


Upon completing his studies in English Literature and Humanities in Ankara, Demir Demirkan moved to Los Angeles and studied at the world-renowned Musician’s Institute.  Returning to Istanbul in 1996, and mainly concentrating on electric guitar, he also produced, wrote songs, composed for orchestras and film while pursuing his singer/songwriter/guitarist albums and stage-work.  Apart from his solo career, he formed the band Painted on Water.  Demirkan recorded the self-titled successful debut album Painted On Water, collaborating with musicians such as Dave Weckl, Trilok Gurtu, Alan Pasqua, Al Dimeola and Kai Eckhart.  He tours with Painted On Water in the U.S. and Europe and plans for the near future to concentrate on guitar and instrumental composing and performance, while also pursuing his band Painted On Water.


“. . . Demir Demirkan gave the intimate and enthused audience at Le Poisson Rouge [in New York City] an amazing performance . . .”Turka Magazine


The Other Within is a multi-layered palate of alluring, fresh sounds with an infectious sensibility.  At the same time, it is a brilliant preview of what Demir Demirkan is capable of in-person.  Putting on The Other Within at a high-powered social gathering or party is a sure bet, but seeing this talented, innovative performer live really brings home just how unique and engaging Demirkan is. 


For information contact:  Janet Castiel, Redwood Entertainment, Inc., 212 543-9998    ,


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