Rock, Hard rock, Metal
From: London, United Kingdom

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I started to play guitar in Brazil in the year 1990, influenced by the rock and heavy bands that I enjoy such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Van Halen and guitarists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Morse. I learned the guitar by myself because in those days good technical information was much more difficult to come across. The internet was in its infancy, just a few cds were available, and guitar magazines had to be imported from other countries and were really expensive. I learned by watching other guitarists and transcribing recordings from an audio cassette tape using my own ear. As information was really scarce, I worked very hard on all new material I received, in spite of its origin. I found new music styles like jazz and fusion and rediscovered Brazilian music. I began studying the classical guitar and guitarists which, from that point onwards, began to be my main influence: Scott Henderson, Greg Howe, Allan Holdsworth, David Gilmour, Al di Meola, Jeff Beck, George Benson, Eric Clapton. In the process of becoming a professional musician I worked in recording studios, worked with jingles, cover bands, taught guitar and studied music at university. In recent years I have developed my solo career and moved to London, my current town, where Iíve been playing with different musicians from different countries. Just released a new album - Denis Warren - HIGH.

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