Derek Haines

Derek Haines

Derek Haines

Blues, Rock, Acoustic
From: Nyon, Switzerland

About Artist

Beats Per Minute of Derek Haines Australian by nature, Swiss by location. Go figure! Somehow this is where I landed. I am not sure what I am. Or what I do. Sometimes writing fiction novels, satirical essays, bad poetry, recording music, giving away free mp3 downloads, groveling to publishers and book stores, writing blogs, trying to sell my books on Amazon and sleeping a lot in the afternoons. This is after sleeping in until 11am in the morning and drinking lots of coffee. Closely followed by proof reading, editing and panicking over English grammar conundrums. Then a quick check of my CD and book sales, and a cry. Then lunch! If I was asked to describe my musical style, I would think carefully, wait a few seconds, and then answer, I have no idea! There have been so many influences for me that it has ended up as a fruit salad style. Depends what fruits are in season. Sometimes acoustic blues & country, sometimes power chord punk, sometimes classic rock and then just for fun a bit of effects driven noise with no limits or making a music video. Just for fun. Then there are days for poetry or writing. Then again there are other days for being lazy, sleeping, eating and drinking. As for personality? Who knows. Every day is different. Serious, crazy, weird, stupid, childish, asleep, workaholic, lazy, hard working, caring, aloof or idiotic. Depends on the day of the week, or the time, or the moon. Except for Wednesdays. I don't like Wednesdays. So, Wednesdays are normally 'blue'. Then in my spare time, I fill my blog with tirades, try to be very inventive with 140 words or less on Twitter, add incredibly witty comments on Facebook and try to keep my website up and running at and check my sales or lack of! So, there you have it. A 150 word description about me. (Ok I know. 319 words, but who's counting?) However, the main thing to always remember is ........................ what was I saying? Oh well, it'll come back!

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