Descend into Despair

Descend into Despair

Descend into Despair

Death Metal, Gothic, Other
From: Radauti, Romania

Band Members

  • Dxeel - Vocals
  • Coza - Guitar and Progamming
  • Calin - Keyboards

About Band

Descend Into Despair is a band from Radauti, Romania and was born from the ashes of a former project under the name of”Nocturnal Vein”.We play Doom Metal with death and funeral influences.Descend into Despair was formed by Dxeel and Coza, two metalheads who are old friends . After the realease of the debut demo, Calin from the band Era Decay joined to play keyboards .

All material is available to download for free, you can find the links on our myspace page, blog section.

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