Desert Rose

Desert Rose

Desert Rose

Christian Rock, Country, Pop
From: Kortrijk, Belgium

About Band

Desert Rose is a multicultural gospel band from Belgium.  This band started in a very amazing way.  Way back year 2000, someone enlisted Rose in a gospel songs competition.  Rose didn't want to join, because she just had a tonsil operation, and could hardly talk, plus the fact that she felt being in a competition is not for her.  But just some nights before the competition, the president of the organization personally phoned her to ask her to join anyway, and this person didn't put down the phone until she said "yes". 

On that competition day, Rose felt so unsure, especially when she saw that almost all the contestants have a band, while she will be standing there, completely on her own, with her old cd backing tracks. Because she was really nervous, she tried to destruct herself by practicing a bit, but then it made her only more nervous, because she noticed that her voice was completely gone!  So, instead of practicing, she just sat down, and said a prayer, knowing that she has no other reason why she joined anyway than it's God's call. 

When it was her time to perform, she went on stage with trembling knees, no voice, but she knew God was with her.  She sang her 2 songs, and after that, she was really relieved!!

After singing, she had to go to the jury, their comments were very positive, although one of the jury members said that when he heard Rose speaking before she sang her song, because he could hear that Rose indeed just had a tonsil operation, he didnt think that Rose would be able to sing.  and that He found it so amazing that could sing beautifully, anyway!

Rose just waited for the result of the competition without any thought of winning. But it was such a surprise to her that among 14 contestants, she won the 2nd prize anyway!  She won free light and sound for her own concert.  At first, it was such a big question mark to Rose why she won, and why this prize?  What can she do with this prize?  she has no band to have her own concert!! But when she told it to the eldest of her church, they decided to organize a multicultural concert for her.  And the one who enlisted her, gathered all the musicians he knew to form a band for this event. 

After 5 practises, they had their first concert.  It was such a surprise for them that in their first concert, the venue was full.  they had an amazing and blessed first concert.  And then, after that, some organisations and churches asked them to give a concert..Rose said, every time she looks back on what happened in that singing competition, the more she is convinced that God emptied her that night (remember, no voice, no band, no self confidence), so that she will not be able to boast that it was her voice that made her win, but it was God who brought her there, for a purpose. A purpose that is obviously continually bringing fruits.  I am so glad I listened to God's voice and not on mine that time, she said.

Now, Desert Rose is a 11 year old band.  They had many trials and, but many blessing behind them.  They now have  their first cd  with their own songs (Lyrics and melody by Rose, arrangements by her musicians) in different genres such as classic gospel rock, country, ballad,  and pop. They also have their second album produced by Global Recording Network and being distributed  as a Evangelism tool for the Filipinos all over the world.  And now they are giving concerts in churches, festivals, youth clubs and organisations, schools, homeless, and  they are already looking forward to give concerts for visually impaired people, in prison, and for the refugees in Belgium.  They also had some interviews and (radio)concerts  in The Netherlands, and in Belgium. 

At this moment, Desert Rose is also working in a project for the Philippines. Four years ago, with the help of Rose's home church, Desert Rose's friends and family, they were able to sponsor 200 children with school supllies, and grocery bang so for the parents.  Last year, they were again able to give 100 bibles and grocery bags to the people.  And because of this, more than 50 families are going to house of Rose parents to have a bible study.  Because of this, it became a vision of her and her home church to build a place there where people can have not only Sunday Service, but this place will also be a charity building where people can have monthly (or more) medical check up, a place to distribute food for the people, and a place where people can go in times of need (storm, typhoon, etc), and/or any charity work possible!  "It is my biggest desire to extend the love and blessings i received from God to others through our music, our words, and our deeds,  Rose said." ..Jesus loves everyone, no matter what  religion, race, or status you have, and no matter who you are!

God has done an amazing work through this band.  Please include them in your prayers!

Continue to be a blessing to others!

God bless you all...

"The DESERT wll rejoice and blossom like ROSE, it will blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing."  Isaiah 35


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