Destiny In Chains

Destiny In Chains

Destiny In Chains

Metal, Metalcore
From: Cairo, Egypt

Band Members

  • Zander - Vocal
  • Sheva - Guitar
  • Meniem - Guitar
  • Moos - Bass
  • A.Alaa - Drums

About Band

Destiny in Chains is a metalcore Hardcore band from EGYPT ,CAIRO , formed in 2006.The band started their music career by making originals directly influenced by bands such as As i lay dying , ATR , Lamb of god , Destiny in chains recorded six songs which were unreleased on as a record. Two of these songs were later re-made for their debut album as "I Have waited my whole life " "Bleeding For You" as well was one of their first songs Ft in same EP a new vision of "Resident Evil Track VOX EDIT" was a new Idea of Zander to put a vocal line on The Resident Evil Theme Track.that was such an great idea indeed also had a wonderful feedback from fans about it , A Financial difficulties marked a change in music direction also some members changes came along with it changed the whole theme of the band to make it even better joining the band Ahmed Abd El Men3em / Shiva / Ahmed Alaa Lolo
starting to advertise their music around the web after band got more stability they make it to a great level by making huge process Destiny in chains debut EP "I HAVE WAITED MY WHOLE LIFE(FOR A GIRL LIKE U)" was released on 3, 7 July 2008 and on 2010 they released the first album of the band LAST FOREVER There were lyric changes and changes in tempo, guitar, drums, bass, Vocals and the overall sound as well the album that the whole band shared their vision on it making a total different music on it looking forward to produce more music with more heavier tones keep on posted

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