Metal, Alternative, Death Metal
From: Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of

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  • Devilhunter Dante - Vocal, Guitars, Drums and Everything else ...

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"In the name of creator of all sounds ..." Devilhunters started by "Alireza Forughi" (Dante) in the last months of 2011. The first activity of Devilhunters, was releasing the first song, "Vampire" in 2012 Aug. 29th with friendly helps of "Mohsen Omidi". One day before releasing the Vampire, in 2012 Aug. 28th "Tanno van de Kamp" joined Devilhunters as Drummer, but it didn't take long that Tanno left the band because of different reasons and problems. 2012, In the middle of November, "Ehsan Golnabi" (Esi Punk) joined the band as drummer and second vocalist, and that was in those days that Devilhunters started to work on the first album named “Apocalypse”. In 2013 Jun. 28th, Devilhunters had a kind of an online music buffering show feat their friend band “Alternata”, on website, playing some songs by these two bands ! In middle of summer in 2013 Devilhunters started the recording process of their first album in “Augment Studio”. Devilhunters released their first album “Apocalypse” in 2013 Aug. 29th, Just one year after releasing their first single track, But the band members were not satisfied with that Album. 2013, Sep. 11th !!! Another Single track, “Constant Path”, was released in this kind of a strange date, which was really exciting for the band members and most of the fans. We can actually call that day the day of beginning of Devilhunters activities as a real band ! 2014, Feb, 5th ... Esi Punk left and the band had a little pause but it officially restarted in 2014, Apr, 14th ! Right now ... Incoming : Repentance (EP) - Containing 4 tracks for Summer

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