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Originally formed as a deathrock power trio named Da'ath Goetia in 2005, the band later changed its name to Disembodied Voices. After DV disbanded in 2006, The Imperious 1 resumed performing and recording under the name Da'ath Goetia II, later shortening it to DG2. Featured on The Darkest Hours, The Darkside of Jax, and Electronic Subsouth among others, DG2 is one of the ongoing enigmas on the Northeast Floridian underground scene creating lo-fi self produced music ranging from the melodic to the bizarre, spanning genre of industrial to goth to minimalism to EBM to synthpop to experimental noise. In 2010, The Imperious 1 has returned to his electro-industrial roots issuing several new singles independently planning to once again climb the ranks and depths of the underground scene.

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