Metal, Progressive, Experimental
From: Rio de janeiro, Brazil

Band Members

  • Flash - Drummer
  • Mateus - Guitarrist
  • Lucas - Bassist
  • Dinho - Keyboardist
  • Danilo - Vocalist

About Band

Talent is a word that can summarize DHUO9 that the band consists of five members, by coincidence, chance or just a strong connection to the destination, it could impose a catchy tune that leads the band. remarkable stories, influences everything in common and can result in a promising future. Founded in mid-2009 to DHUO9 has its roots in a strong musical trend, the twins Luke (bass) and Matthew (guitar) inherited the "vein" musical mother, who, under the influence of his father, playing the piano since 4 years age. Flash (drums), and saw his precious talent into the house and put into practice his astute businessman, starting to invest heavily in boys, not only in search of professional success or recognition, but in fulfillment of a father above all in see their children doing what they like, according to the talent that was granted. Infected by the fever of the moment Nu Metal, Flash (drums), Matthew (guitar) and Luke (still on the keyboard), began calling Cyborg 009, whose name was inspired by the drawing of 1963, which had characters with individual talents. Thus began an instrumental journey across the city. Maturity and experience are best harvested by the band during this period, giving a strong positive reaction from the audience at a stage where they also face a moment of identification of his own style, with firmness, determination and extreme profanity. Always in search of its identity, the name gave rise to 009 CIBOORG DHUO9, where "Duo" is for 2 (two), "9" a number that everyone can identify and "H" symbolizes the sign of twins in the horoscope. Along with these changes, Lucas was leaving the keyboard aside and take a definitive bass, and so was the DHUO9 field in search of a keyboardist. Flash (drums), Matthew (guitar), Luke (bass) and now Dinho (keyboard), the team was complete, or at least almost: they needed a vocalist, or rather "singer." Continues the never ending search for what was to call the 5th element, the guy will close the circle of DHUO9. Believe it or not, there were 286 (286) auditions for "supposed" candidate for the position of the vocal band, and it was through an Internet ad that would make 286 of its hearing. Danilo, an experienced vocalist, tenacious and eager to show their talents, presented himself instigated DHUO9 prove to himself and to whom he would be tried during that time. Driven by this sentiment, the singer Danilo also found common goals with the band after completing the arduous search for the voice that leads around the world all the talent and musicianship that DHUO9 has to offer! Affinities, creativity and a flurry of plans for the future, we tend to realize the great potential of this band.

Rock International is the basis of sound DHUO9 like LINKIN PARK, KORN, LIMP BIZKIT, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, CREED, SEETHER, Limp Bizkit and others.  

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Website: www.dhuo9.com

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