Pop, Blues, Jazz
From: Douglasville, GA, United States

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My biggest influences include Aaliyah; for her humbleness and laid back lyrics and songs, Amy Winehouse; for her unique phrasing and style of music, and the fact that she wrote her own lyrics; and last but certainly not least Beyonce Knowles, because of her powerful vocals and performing techniques.



I have a varying style of music, ranging from jazz to pop and even some country and R & B. I write my own lyrics, because I want to be able to connect truly with the lyrics and I feel that being a songwriter can also open many other opportunities in the music industry, especially being so young.



Music to me is the best thing that’s ever happened, not just to me, but this whole entire world; I’m just a  city girl with big city dreams who wants to make her mark and hopes everyday that she’s blessed to share her witty lyrics and unique vocal style with whomever that’ll listen.



                                                            -DIAMOND VICTORIA


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