Die Energiemaschine

Die Energiemaschine

Die Energiemaschine

Trance, Electronica, Techno
From: Berlin, Germany

About Artist

'Die Energiemaschine' is Frankensnyder the frontman of 'Feelya Frankensnyder' and 'Cool Cat Crazy'. This one is his crazy electronic project where he musically raves, sparkels and explodes, without restriction of any sort of musical direction. The only direction that counts, is the one your body wiggles ;-)


'Energiemaschines' first Album (Der Sinn des Lebens) was released in summer 2004. He was unsatisfied with his rock projects and wanted to do something totally different. Bored from the rock scene anyway, which seemed to be only alcoholics and aggressive buttheads without any kind of positive message, it was obvious for him to do something else.


Since we know that 32 notes are in the same tempo frame as the brain works (Philip Glass) we got the possibility to inspire people's subconsciousness in a positive way using  electronic music. Even if it is only by sound, rhythm and dance.


In the following years wrote, played, programmed, produced and recorded Frankensnyder three more albums (Android or Angel/2005, Ich tanz' für Dich/2006), a video (Draculina) and taped two more life performances with beatz'n paint (Robby Robman action paintings and other artists).


Frankensnyder lived in Los Angeles for almost a decade, so you can imagine that you want just get reason loops here than a more expressive rocking style of beatz'n sound. As guitar player/singer and programmer with long-time experience, he has the perfect skills to make ambitious electronic/organic music. The result is Thrill Me with an eclectic spell which makes everybody dance in his own individual, creative style.



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