Dies Mali

Dies Mali

Dies Mali

Industrial, Gothic, Rock
From: Chicago, IL, United States

Band Members

  • Zoran - Vocals, Synth
  • S.L.A.V.E. - Bass
  • Mark - Drums
  • Bane - Guitar, Backing Vocals

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About Band

Dies Mali Dies (“days") + mali ("bad, cursed") [Latin] Dies Mali: Days of disaster, gloom, or depression Thundering yet accessible, dark yet inspiring; somehow - dichotomy be damned - Dies Mali makes it work. Evolving around the core unit of frontman Zoran and drummer Mark, Dies Mali underwent the standard changes that every developing band works through: a shifting lineup, shuffling band names, and a growing sense of confidence and capability. After hearing Zoran – a classically trained pianist – play at a party, Youmans approached him about starting a project. The young band put together its first demo, and realized it was something that could stick. However, finding the other pieces to the puzzle held Dies Mali back from putting together a true full-length debut – until now. After spending a number of years in Chicago’s fertile local scene, the band is ready to spread its wings nationally with its debut, Mourning Portraits. Roughly half the songs on Mourning Portraits have been rattling around Zoran’s head for quite a while, with the remainder of the tunes being new pieces. However, even the old dogs are being taught new tricks by the finalization of Dies Mali’s lineup, with the most recent additions –native New Yorker- S.L.A.V.E., and Chicago rocker- Bane- revitalizing and adding twists to the earlier material. While the band has a clearly industrial aesthetic and has performed at gothic festivals in the Midwest, the band prefers to classify itself more as ‘dark synth rock’ than anything else, and goes the distance to make sure the music has an element of humanity to it. “Even though we incorporate a lot of digital components to the music, like keyboards, we want to keep it as true to live as we can,” Zoran says. “The earlier recordings sounded very produced and almost sterile - too perfect, really - so now we try to keep the organic feeling and live vibe going as much as possible.” Zoran lists his vocalist heroes as Chris Cornell and Ronnie James Dio, with particular emphasis on Al Jourgensen’s gravelly delivery and swagger. Musically, if it’s hard and heavy, there’s something Dies Mali has drawn from it. The band has earned comparisons to not only modern acts like Orgy and Rob Zombie, but to industrial, gothic and electronic pioneers such as Bauhaus, Gary Numan, and Killing Joke. “I’ve always been a fan of darker stuff, from older bands like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest to more modern ones like Marilyn Manson, Korn, Soundgarden, and Type O Negative,” Zoran says. “Anything that’s heavy and has a dark feel, I’ve always been attracted to.” With its sights set on the future, Dies Mali is ready to prove its mettle and step things up a notch – actually, a bunch of notches. The band is road-ready, and is looking forward to presenting the material from Mourning Portraits to the masses. The days of disaster are coming, and they’ve never sounded quite like this. DIES MALI: Mourning PortraitsTo purchase DIES MALI's debut CD "Mourning Portraits" click here!

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