Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B
From: Milwaukee, WI, United States

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I am  Dank Man G   CEO    of Dirty Diamond Records .  We're outta Milw .  Wi.  aka  we love Stacking thoes Milw . Bucks  and putting diamonds in your ears . I was raised on the north side of the mill , And my family owned a lot of taveren around the state . So at a early age i was blessed with the gift of music . I use to do shows for the people at the bar and thay would pay me , clap and help guide me to my true calling .

Also my mother brothers and also my older brothers when i was a young G , always was doing shows all around town ,and just to hear the people cheer and clap gave the most wonderful feeling , like i was surrounded by  love peace and happiness .And thats what i come to do for you .See these days people a L.A.Z.Y  L.A.Z.Y .And why do i say tha ? Because ever body won't to rap over someone else work . I won't the world to love my music because i got me in it .

my style my feelings ,my struggle ,Not you play one of my songs and you bob yo head cuse it jezzy beat .I WON'T YOU TO BOB YO HEAD TO THESE Dirty Diamond Records Beats . stright outtamy heart . All you will get when you come here is My Vision, My Beats ,MY STYLE . My way of life .Ilove music and music loves me.So join our movement DirtyDiamond Records , because we are all some dirty diamond wating to shine. Even if you drop a diamond and never find that Diamond .Someone one day will find that diamond and make it shine britter the before .When you speak about a deceasted family member ,you keep them shining in your hear and your mine.

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