Divided Cross

Divided Cross

Divided Cross

Christian Rock, Christian
From: Rossville, GA, United States

Band Members

  • Brandon Nicholson - Bass/Lead Vocals
  • Lee McGowan - Drums
  • Chris Franks - Guitar/Vocals
  • Felisha Dilbeck - Vocals
  • Stacy Valencia - Vocals

About Band

Divided Cross got it's start way back in the winter months of 2005, in the basement of bass player and singer Brandon Nicholson. Moved by such a desire to use the talent God had bestowed upon him for song writing and musicianship, Brandon embarked on a search for a guitarist and a drummer to start a Christian band that would break down the barriers in this sinful world. Quickly came the drummer Lee McGowan, Brandon's brother in law, who got his start playing in family southern gospel singing groups. Fueled by their need to stick together through a long and heart breaking search for guitar players, Brandon and Lee became more than just family; together they created an inseparable bond that would keep the band together through many storms. Soon after Brandon and Lee started to play together they both found a small ray of hope. The fire kindeled to a small flame from disappointment after disappointment, but remained burning by focusing on playing with church members during worship services. After a year the band finally found a worthy guitarist by the name of Chris Franks who help to mold the band into a true band. Naming themselves the "No Names," for they hadn't yet seen the direction God was pointing them in. Hard at work practicing the new songs that Brandon had wrote over the year break, Brandon and Chris began to become great friends. One day at the College Thirsty Meeting that Chris and Brandon attended often, the conversation arose about division and the denominational separations. This sparked the idea for a new name and direction for the band, and "Divided Cross" was born. This would complete Divided Cross, which sparked the fire that got the band out to the public, but as it goes in most bands, days before an important gig, "Unity Fest 2006," Chris hurt himself while moving, leaving us no choice but to find a fill-in for Chris . However, while the emotion of hurt swelled, God was blessing the band. The blessing came about with Donavan Aaron, who's ability to pick up music quickly helped keep the show on stage at Unity Fest, and he also became permanent honorary members of Divided Cross. We must not forget to mention the Angelic voice of Felisha Dilbeck . She accompanies them as much as she can. These kids do all they can for the glory of God. The have made a commitment to God and all that will listen to their music, to play no matter what transgressions may come their way. They will pray through and "Push" through all obstacles for Him!!

Bands Divided Cross has shared the stage with

  • Stancil Brown
  • I Die
  • Judy Quinn and The Southern Gospel Heirs (SGM Award Winner)
  • Hughes Family
  • Shields of Faith
  • Donnie Young and New Beginnings
  • Last Day Rain
  • Jason Carol Leapard of God Saving Minstries
  • Jim Ricketts
  • 4 Him

And many more

Former Band Members

  • Jermiah Rowell Rythmn Guitar
  • Andrew Thomas Rythmn Guitar
  • Tony Butler Rythmn Guitar
  • Donaven Aaron Lead Guitar (still an honorary member)
  • Tim Mitchell Singer/songwriter

To those who have come and gone, we say God bless you and thank you for playing with us and helping us along the way! we love you and still have a place in our hearts for you forever.

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