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From Calgary Alberta Canada, Dizzy (aka JD Cutting), has always had an interest in music. From an early age he would sing along with his favorite movies and songs on the radio. As he got older his taste in music matured with him. By junior high he took part in a band with some friends from school where he would sing and play guitar. It wasn't until he reached the age of 17, that he started writing rhymes to some of his favorite rap songs. What started off as a hobby soon became an obsession and Dizzy was born. "I always liked poetry and drama in school you know...rap just kinda came naturally" - Dizzy Feeling like he was unable to pursue his new found passion with any success at home, Dizzy moved to Edmonton, Alberta where he later hooked up with fellow rap hopeful Boogie. "Boogie was older than me and had more experience in the game than I had at the time. I looked up to him a lot and really felt that we could make some good music together." - Dizzy Dizzy and Boogie worked on countless tracks together under the group name Royalties. They performed in Edmonton countless times with other local artists from the same genre but always felt that the sound they produced was distinct from what everyone else was coming to the table with. “I felt like what we were doing stood out. Not too many other artists in the city, or country for that matter, were trying to take rap mainstream…that’s the impression I got anyway.” - Dizzy But after three years, two mixtapes and countless shows together Royalties disbanded. Dizzy, however, decided to continue to pursue his dream of making music although he felt unsure of his ability to go it alone. He managed to make two trips to hip hop mecca Toronto, Ontario to work with former Sony BMG recording artist Esthero’s touring MC, Oz. While there, he impressed Oz with his creativity and ability to turn out full-length songs in short periods of time. With a new found sense of confidence in his capabilities he headed back to Edmonton and began working on what would become the foundation for his first solo album “Heres Dizzy”. Using soundclick.com-famed producers such as White Hot Productions, Royal Audio, and Anno Domini Beats he quickly compiled a solid list of singles to put towards “Heres Dizzy”. It was around this time that he met and quickly befriended Greg Bechard, a hip-hop enthusiast with a keen business sense and experience in promotions/sales industries. It seemed only logical to the two of them that they work together to try and grow the “Dizzy” brand. They were right. Dizzy quickly landed several opening spots for major-labeled artists performing in Edmonton including Juvenile, Joe Budden, and M.IM.S. Deciding that Edmonton’s rap market was limiting their progress the duo took the Dizzy swagger over to Vancouver to present it to Live Vision Macro Management owner’s Garrett VanDusen and Vancouver’s own stylus-nominated DJ Coco Fresh. With Live Vision MGMT to guide them and Dizzy’s talent to drive them, you can expect to hear more of Dizzy soon.

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Website: www.itsdizzy.ca

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