Djane Yani

Djane Yani

Djane Yani

Techno, Progressive, Club
From: Silistra, Bulgaria

About Artist

DJane Yani (Silistra, Bulgaria) is an amazing, talented and gifted artist in music, hair-dressing and painting. From the age of 13 her passion for electronic music began with the influence of artists such as Depeche Mode, Astral Projection, Juno Reactor, Marusha, Sven Vath and many more. She turned to the art of DJ'ing at the age of 20 to express her insatiable passion for the love of music and ...her dream to share this love with the world began.
Two years into making her dream a reality, DJane Yani has since played at a number of events, done guest spots, worked in nightclubs, radio shows, has worked with a large number of international artists recording DJ sets and has recently commenced music production under the name of "Dark Queen".
DJane Yani is also involved with a number of projects such as NOIZ RADIO, X-CENTRIC RADIO (Bulgaria) in which DJane Yani is the founder and also co-host of the DEEPGROUND show on CUEBASE.FM. However, her experience doesn't just stop there, she is also involved with Little Genius Records, member of Digitalik Selectors, has had guest spots on Empire of Perth's (Western Australia) DJ Forgone and has been featured on Empire of Perth as a Saturday night guest DJ. ARTISTS I'VE WORKED WITH
Minimal Track (Bulgaria)
DJ Forgone (Australia)
Alessandro (Bulgaria)
Fabio T. (Italy)
Deep Cult (Bulgaria)
DJ Asi (Bulgaria)
Minimalist Convoy (Bulgaria)
DJ Plambo (Bulgaria)
Phuture Traxx
DJ Presian (United Kingdom)
DJ Niky (Bulgaria)
Mariano Santos (Ar)
Miss Shiva (De) RADIO SHOWS
... Insomnia FM (RO)
CoolBeats Radio (Madrid)

NIGHTCLUBS & EVENTS THE WORLD GIRLS DJS FESTIVAL Baku,Azerbaijan Khazar Golden Beach Aquapark
Insomnia Club (Silistra)
Diversio Club (Silistra)
Soda Club (Silistra)
La Playa (Varna)
Lifehouse (Sofia)
Insomnia Club (Silistra)Diversio Club (Silistra)Soda Club (Silistra)La Playa (Varna)Lifehouse (Sofia) RECORD LABELS
Percent Record
Little Genius Records   Listen & Download:   INTERNATIONAL BOOKING AGENT: Steven North:

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