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My name is valentine tselane but my friends call me majense I'm 16 year old and I'm a boy and I live in soweto protea glen I growed up in limpopo I was living with my grand parents my grandmother is a believer in god and we had a cristian church in our home that's were I liked music and I used to sing when I was young and even learned how to play keyboard I was playing a keyboad in church I started to like music too much a friend of mine sended me an software of a pc fl studio 7 and 8 and showed how it work It works and taught me how to use it and I learned and when days goes I knew how to produce music and how to make it. My passion is to show up my talent to the world and be a first young kid of producing music and deejaying and to encourage young kids like us their many things that they can with their life not to smoke drugs stuff like that's my passion and I'm willing to find a sponsor to make my dreams to come true

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ICQ: 0796138832

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