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Dj Thanx

Dj Thanx

House, Other, Trance
From: Bloemfontein, South Africa

Band Members

  • Moruti Loedphan Nkunyane (Sehloho) - Disc Jockey

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When did I first start spinning? : During the year of 1996 in Street Bash, FS Bloemfontein

How old am I? : I'll be 31years old as of November 30th 2012 (Born 11-30-1981)

what is your favourite genre of music? : Disco-House and own Trance House, etc.

How would I describe myself as a DJ? : I am a Dj who considers themselves more of an artist than a DJ. I don't believe in letting a song play by itself for very long. After all why should I let you hear the song play the way that you can go out and find it and play it in your home, my job is to remix it live and spice up the mix to the best of my ability. Dj Thanx is The 'Godfather' of trance house music.  A truly unique collection of rare and previously unreleased loops. If you like your soul food hot then Loop masters Delicious All-stars Funk Constructor is serving up sizzling funk and soul loops with a side of hot grooves! Dj Thanx is a fast rising underground talent being tipped as “the one to watch”. This highly original Trance House Producer sample collection is jam packed with concentrated dance floor gems. Moruti Loedphan aka Dj Thanx born 30/11/1981, Lady Brand (Free State Province, South Africa) & raised in Downtown Bloem. Been mixing since the "96", but started learning when he was in 13 yrs old in junior high school @ school. He was inspired with djs and music as a kid. When he used to go parties when he was just a kid, instead of playing around with the other kids, he would just always for the most part just stand on a chair next to the Dj that was playing the music at the party. Surely enough as he grew older and got in to junior high school, that’s where Dj thanx learned how to be a Dj at the school lunches. Then got into high school where he met a close friend by the name of Odi aka Dj Odi Man, Razor, Dj Mesh etc and sometime form groups of Accapella. Then they found out they where neighbours although Dj thanx would always practice at his pad .Now Dj thanx does video mixing also he has his own personal edits actually this guy we can he multitalented. This Dj has almost 7 unrealised albums the 8th one will be realised this year later around June to October 2012.



Who is my favourite dance artist? : Basement Jaxx and many more to mention.

Who is my favourite non-dance artist? : Lucia Cooper (Back Stage and Scandal Actress)

Who is my favourite remixer? : Armand Van Helden, Dj Reddy, Dj Lolo, Dj Kent etc.

Who is my favourite turn-tableist? : It's a tossup between Bad Boy Bill and Richard "humpty " Vision, Dj Clock, Oskido, Dj’s At Work etc.

Who is my favourite Hip-Hop artist? : Timberland, Rick Ross, Plie, 2Pac, Swizz Beats etc.

Where have I spun at in the past? : Between February of 2000 and May of 2012 I was the resident House DJ at Boston College in Bloem, FS and at the same time was also at News Café Afterhours Restaurant in Loch Logan Bloem as well.

Where do I spin now? : On freelance or Event.

What type of equipment do I spin on or use? : I have used turntables and cd players and I now use the software Virtual DJ with a midi mixer controller, Virtual DJ Studio, Ultra Mixer etc.

Which equipment do I prefer and why? : I prefer virtual Dj/ Studio because once you have reached a point where you are able to beat match with preciseness why should it matter that you are using a computer program. It allows you to load the songs a lot quicker and improves on your own abilities.

Where can you hear my mixed sets at? : On this page &, & @

What is my all time favourite dance track? : Unspeakable Joy by Kim English (The Razor and Guido Remixes) 03-Koop-I See A Different You (Innocent Sorcerers Mix).Euphonik, Copyright - Wiseman (Peak time Vocal), 80 Million Seconds-  Zbonga Production2, Dj Da Bomb Mid Week Jamz & my own mix such as How 2 Groov3.

Music Style:
House (Electro, Trance, Progressive, Disco, Funky Breaks, Deep, Trance House etc)




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My latest mixed set ( 2012 Most Played Tracks Trance House Construction Vol.1 2012)

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Also he is............................................... to continued







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